Community Conversation: Youth Behaviors and Perceptions

Every Year, the Newburyport Public School District conducts it's biennial Youth Risk Behavior Survey. This survey focuses on behaviors, attitudes and perceptions of risky behaviors, safety and healthy lifestyles. After the survey is conducted and we get the data back, we organize two opportunities for young people to sift through the pages of data and identify topics and numbers that they recognize as important and relevant in their experience. From there, a presentation is designed to convey the points the youth wanted to highlight.

Once the youth review the data, this group of young people present the data that their peers identified as important for the community to hear. The two hour event is aimed towards all community members, ranging from some of our elected officials to engaged educators and from school administrators to concerned grandparents.

We encourage everyone to see these numbers, talk about these numbers and, most importantly, come get involved!

For more detailed information regarding this year's YRBS results,
Andi Egmont of The BEACON Coalition.