Coaster Campaign

In a response to data collected at the high school, the 2011 Coaster Campaign was created to reduce alcohol provided to minors through “friends or social sources”. Developed by local young adults and designed by Gregg Hogan (Coffee Shop Creations), this strategy is our attempt at reaching out to 21-25 year olds, this campaign has been ongoing every year since 2011. We hope to remind, and/or inform, them of the consequences of buying or providing alcohol for minors.

This age group is generally harder for us to access, so the idea was suggested to use the bars as a vehicle to get the message out. We have teamed up with local establishments to make sure we can have the coasters at tables and bars around holidays and traditional drinking nights when young adults come home from college. Every time we reach out to the bars, we try to find a new partner in the community. So our list is growing! So far, participating bars and restaurants include:

The Port Tavern
The Thristy Whale
The Grog
Michael's Harborside